Custom Orders

Can't find what you're looking for? Perhaps we can help!
If you're interested in exploring this possibility, of a custom designed piece, please contact us at:

The price of custom work is dependant on two things:
  1. The complexity of the piece
  2. Whether or not the piece is exclusively yours or becomes part of our collection

Our design services begin at $100 and go up. The sample Dragon Pendant shown was a moderately complex piece.  The design work for this piece was $150.  When added to the cost of the piece, the total amount for this custom designed piece was $226.95 in sterling silver. (The price would vary, of course if the piece were cast in gold, used different stones, etc...)

The price mentioned above does not give you exclusive design. We retained the rights to this piece and reproduce it as part of our collection. If you would like a one-of-a-kind-piece, never to be duplicated, the cost for design is doubled.  In the case of this piece the design costs for an exclusive piece would have been $300 plus the cost of the piece.

Turnaround Time:
If you desire custom work, please allow time for us to create it well in advance of when it's needed. Custom designs typically take 45-60 days.

The Process:
The design process is always easier if the client can provide a sketch or photo of what they want. We can also provide a sketch after determining your needs. We will work with you to modify the design as needed to meet the requirements of the fabrication process while keeping your needs in mind.  After your approval, we collect 50% of the agreed upon price before we move into production.

We are happy to use your stones in your jewelry. Whether you purchase the stones from us, or supply them yourself, we are happy to help you create the perfect piece of custom jewelry. Note; There is always some risk of "breakage" in setting stones, especially when they have cracks, large inclusions or even hidden weaknesses. While we take every precaution and care in setting our stones, we cannot assume liability for them.