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King of the gem world, Diamond has earned its name with brilliance and clarity for ages. The name comes from the Greek word “adamas” meaning unbreakable. This is a descriptive name for one of the hardest, most enduring substances on earth. Diamond is pure carbon, an octahedral crystal formed by high heat and pressure resulting in one of nature’s loveliest creations. Diamond rough is often black or graphite gray with a shiny, hard texture.

Diamonds ring in at the high end of the Mohs Scale at a solid 10. Although available naturally in shades of yellow, blue, and pink, clear stones are generally valued the most. Grading of diamonds begins at D, not A, and there is no B or C. The D grade is clear to the unaided eye, and the grading adjusts from there down to Z by color and slight flaws. Stones with a hint of nitrogen impurities will produce what is called white diamonds. Some diamonds are heat treated, a process called irradiation that brings out the impurities in the crystal stone to enhance color in fancy diamonds, usually in pinks, yellow or brown, blue, green, red, and purple. Often a dark diamond will be referred to as a Black Diamond, but this is actually a carbonado, a diamond with numerous inclusions to give it a “black” appearance. All colored Diamonds get their color from impurities, most often from nitrogen or boron that replace part of the crystal lattice in the compound structure.   

Diamonds are cut into every shape imaginable for gemstones, but primarily into facets that will showcase their brilliance and refractive index. The everlasting glitter, durability, beauty and value have made this exquisite gemstone the symbol of eternal love, strength and luxury through timeless dynasties and economies. Diamonds have endured generations of royalty and are a pivotal part of any jewelry collection from crown to ring to treasure trove.

Because of their unsurpassed, simple colorless beauty, Diamonds are worn in gold, silver, platinum and white gold settings, often with other precious gemstones, but also stunningly alone. Traditionally, Diamonds have marked the beginning of marriage since Austria’s Mary of Burgundy’s engagement ring in 1477, and are cherished heirlooms whose value transcends the stone’s worth.
Compound : Carbon
Mohs Scale(Hardness) : 10
Found : Africa, Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Russia