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The making of a Pearl is one of nature’s most amazing and wonderful processes. Beginning as a mollusk’s defensive reaction to an irritant within its shell, a Pearl is created by layering protective calcium carbonate around the foreign irritant, thus making the matter into a roundish, softly colored “stone” that is both beautiful and remarkable. Colors of Pearls are creamy off-white to yellowish, to champagne pink to even darker shades. The darkest of these is called Black Pearl. Shades of this deeper color can range from peacock greenish-purple with hints of blues to lighter black with a pink-reddish gold borealis sheen that seems to drift across the Pearl in different light and with movement. Natural Black Pearls hail from Tahiti and many are often slightly teardrop in shape.

The cultivation or farming of Pearls is a very old industry. Japan and China were the forerunners in harnessing nature’s natural process of engineering this lovely gemstone, and the nations’ dedication to perfecting the creation has resulted in very fine Pearls. Cultivated Pearls are often more pure than naturally occurring Pearls because the irritant matter is controlled. This is typically a tiny piece of mantle shell called a bead. With this natural irritant coming from a donor shell, the Pearl created is wholly mollusk rather than a chance piece of irritant such as grit or sand. However, the layer of nacre covering the cultured Pearl is generally thinner.

A strand of creamy white Pearls is one of the longest standing classic items in any jewelry collection. Pearls match any season, can be worn with casual or the fanciest of wardrobes, and are both simple and elegant. Pearls are often worn with each other, combining colored Pearls in strands, or in white Pearl necklaces with accents of Black Pearl or gold and sometimes silver. Coral, jade, black onyx, hematite or jet is also paired with Pearl to liven up a necklace, brooch, or bracelet. Pearl rings may have a large Pearl as the center stone with colored gemstones as accent, or smaller Pearls may accompany a large clear gemstone. A favorite design for rings is a two Pearl combination of white and black.
Compound : Calcium Carbonate
Mohs Scale(Hardness) : 2.5-4.5
Found : Australia, China, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Tahiti