Gemstone -
Rainbow Moonstone
Moonstone is a feldspar that is often cut into round shapes or polished into cabochons to show off its iridescent brilliance. Rainbow Moonstone takes this a step farther with shimmering plays of color in ghostly bluish-white over light stones to soft graphite over gray-brown backgrounds, with many variations of color in between. The rainbow type of moonstone may be cloudy to opaque or clear or slightly included. Cloudy Rainbow Moonstone may be translucent with opalescent colors radiating over the surface in white, blues, silvers, and gold, often with a few gold inclusions for striking contrast. The coloring here may be slightly blue to fully marble blue with an “eye” or “moon” that appears to follow over the stone’s surface.

More heavily colored stones may be the highly prized deep salmon peach, golden topaz or soft brown, graphite, or satiny milk chocolate. Clearer stones may be pearly, opal, nearly eye clean, and often with electric blue radiating from the center of faceted stones. Rainbow Moonstone, like most moonstones, is usually polished into smooth, flat, or high-domed cabochons for rings, earrings, pendants, and drilled for beads. Clear stones are more likely to faceted into round, oval, square, trillion, or heart shapes. While clarity of a gemstone is one beauty factor of this lustrous gem, the real attraction is the milky sheen present in both clear and frosty stones.

The iridescent shades teasing across the surface of Rainbow Moonstone made this flashy stone popular for Victorian and Art Nouveau jewelers and more modern designs in the 1960s. The luminous look of abalone white and schiller effect make this stone a choice for free-form styles, pendants, and large-beaded jewelry. For cut stones, the deep center of clearer stones is often blue, making it a choice gem for silver settings and winter fashion. Colored Rainbow Moonstone in peaches, browns, and champagne make excellent spring and summer accessories, often when combined with black onyx, jade, and other feldspars.
Compound : Potassium Aluminum Silicate
Mohs Scale(Hardness) : 6-6.5
Found : Australia, Brazil, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, U.S.