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Tsavorite (lab grown)
Tsavorite is from the same mineral group as garnet, except with chromium or vanadium added to the blend to produce the deep green color so valued by jewelers and collectors. In natural stones, this intensely colored stone is often clear, but may have some inclusions. Tsavorite varies in color from pale teal-green to mossy grass green to rich emerald. It is often paired with tanzanite, azurite, and diamonds.

A relatively recent addition to the gemstone world, Tsavorite was discovered in Africa in the 1960s, and has fast become a gemstone darling due to its beauty, clarity, and stunning ability to look good in a variety of settings, cuts, and even as cabochons. It works well as an all-season gemstone, combining nicely with highly colored and clear, colorless stones equally. Tsavorite is usually cut in ovals, cushions, rectangle, and trillion shapes.

While Tsavorite from nature is a gemstone treat and highly valued, good quality laboratory created stones make this beauty more available to the general buying public. Suitable imitations include green glass and green Yag, a garnet substitute most often from Russia. These alternatives provide nearly exact color to original Tsavorite, can vary from shade to shade just like the gemstone in nature, and hold calibration well. Both natural and lab created Tsavorite can be set in gold and silver metal, although, like emerald, sterling silver dominates.

Tsavorite is not designated to any month as a birthstone, but it is widely used for holiday themed jewelry, family gemstone jewelry that requires an emerald, and multi-stone settings featuring African gems such as tanzanite, tourmalines, peridot, and other garnets.
Compound : Varies
Mohs Scale(Hardness) : Varies
Found : Russia, others